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Nicolas Zimmermann joined the lab part time and is currently working on demographic inference for human populations using Approximate Bayesian Computation and Random Forest methodologies. He is doing his M1 internship under the supervision of Frédéric Austerlitz (MNHN) and myself.
Join us for the PASADENA workshop (GT Digicosme) on Friday, February 15th
    Chloé-Agathe Azencott,CBIO, Mines ParisTech/Institut Curie/INSERM
    Romain Brault, Thalès
    Julien Chiquet, AgroParisTech/INRA MIA Paris
    Chloé Clavel, LTCI, Telecom-ParisTech
    Stanley Durrleman, Aramis Lab, ICM
    Joseph Salmon, Université de Montpellier 

Program and information
Burak Yelmen is visiting from the Institute of Genomics (Estonian Biocentre, University of Tartu, Estonia). He will stay for 2 months and a half and collaborate on deep learning methods for population genetics.
Benjamin Demaille is joining the lab to work on dimension reduction, imputation, visualization of paleogenomic data. This will be a follow-up and extension of Séverine Liegeois master work.
I'm helping organizing the
Institut Pascal Research Program "Ecosystem dynamics : state, data and models" 
17 June – 12 July 2019
coordinators: Stéphane Dupas, Camille Coron, Arnaud Becheler and Adelaïde Olivier

It consists in 3 weeks of Research (seminars and working groups) and 1 of Summer School. Contact us if you are interested and want to know more.
Congratulations to Séverine Liegeois who just got the prize for best poster at the Paris-Saclay Junior Conference on Data Science and Engineering 2018 for her work on Dimension Reduction Adapted to Paleogenomics !
This work is done in collaboration Olivier François, TIMC-IMAG