PoPS: Predictions of Population Structure Version 1.2

 Inferring population genetic structure and its relationships with environmental variables. Predicting changes in population structure

POPS is a method I developed during my PhD. It has a nice and friendly graphical interface. I also provide some post-processing R scripts to plot colorful maps.

The POPS program performs inference of ancestry distribution models. It uses a TESS-like interface to compute individual cluster membership and admixture proportions based on multilocus genotype data and their correlation with environmental and geographical variables. Similarly to species distribution models, POPS provides routines to project cluster memberships and admixture proportions under scenarios of environmental change. Typical uses of POPS are for evaluating how the population genetic structure of a species could be modified by climate change, or testing hypotheses about local adaptation and ecological speciation.

For more information or to download the software go to POPS page