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DigiCosme Thematic School 2021 Graph as models in life sciences: Machine learning and integrative approaches - online - October 25th - 29th

We are organizing an online thematic school in bioinformatics and machine learning. You can register and spread the news.

Website: https://digicosme.cnrs.fr/ecole-thematique-2021-graph-as-models-in-life-sciences-machine-learning-and-integrative-approaches/

Registration form: https://framaforms.org/digicosme-thematic-school-2021-registration-1626095320
(free but mandatory, limited number of places for the tutorials)

 Flora Jay, CR CNRS, LISN
 Yann Ponty, DR CNRS, LIX
 Ariane Migault, Chargée de communication du Labex DigiCosme

 Burak Yelmen is joining the lab as a postdoctoral fellow to extend our previous work on creating realistic genomes based on generative neural networks (GANs and RBMs). Burak's salary is supported by ANR.

Pierre Jobic is doing a master internship in the lab and exploring deep architectures for population size inference. It will lead to a potentially substantial extension of our work with Théophile Sanchez, Jean Cury and Guillaume Charpiat :

T Sanchez, J Cury, G Charpiat, F Jay (2020). Deep learning for population size history inference: design, comparison and combination with approximate Bayesian computation. Molecular Ecology Ressources DOI:10.1111/1755-0998.13224 Link

Pierre is also helping  beta testing and improving our DNADNA software developed by the lab and in particular by Erik Madison Bray based on initial code by Théophile and Jean.
Mathieu Michel recently joined the lab for a master internship. He will help us benchmarking machine learning and deep learning methods for population genetics inference.
Federica Pierini is joining the lab as a postdoc to work on our newly awarded Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) project "Evolutionary changes in human hosts and their pathogens during first contact in the New World".

This is a joint project with Emilia Huerta-Sanchez (brown University, USA) and Maria Avila Arcos (UNAM, Mexico)
Jérémy Guez is starting a PhD with Musée de l'Homme (National Museum of natural history, Paris) and our lab (LRI) on TransIA a project for Infering Cultural Transmission of Reproductive Success using Genomic Data.

Joint work with Evelyne Heyer, Fréderic Austerlitz, Romain Laurent, Bruno Toupance from the Eco-anthropology department (MNHN). Funded by CNRS 80PRIME.